Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It is June and I am Lame

I'm still here. For now. May was a crazy month. Just crazy. This is what happened:
  • Celebrated my Dad's and my Father-in-law's birthdays as well as Mother's Day (x2).
  • Got accepted into nursing school!! I start in the fall and I am stoked and scared. I also have a million things I have to do over the summer, include take 2 more classes, buy a bunch of stuff, and get CPR certified and vaccinated and whatnot.
  • Celebrated my sister's graduation from college with a LONG ceremony and a fun party.
  • Stood up for my sister-in-law's wedding. This entailed a lot of work, including making two cakes for the reception.
  • Rescued a Doberman/German shorthair pointer mix from a shelter. He is our new baby. Except for the other baby, a Cavalier King Charles/beagle mix puppy that we are puppy-sitting. There are 3 dogs at my house. It's crazy. Our first dog, Penny, has a chipped tooth that we just noticed is looking a little gnarly, so we have to take her to the vet on Friday. Our new dog, Cinco, had major stomach issues the day after we brought him home (probably due to stress), and the puppy we we're watching ate an ibuprofen that was on the floor so we had to induce vomiting by squirting hydrogen peroxide down her throat, and now the incision from her spay is looking infected. PETS ARE FUN!
  • Celebrated my mom's birthday.
  • Got on my bike for the first time all year (sad but true) and rode about 35 miles.
  • Relaxed over Memorial Day Weekend, then started up on my online class for the summer, pathophysiology.
Let's not even talk about all the things I didn't do. It was a whirlwind of a month but for some reason everything seems like it was forever ago. I'm ready to get on with summer. I get to quit my job in two months!!! I will still be freelancing on an occasional basis during my first semester at school, just for the extra income and the fact that's it's easy-ish work that I can do from home. Because oh yeah--when I quit my job, our income will get slashed in half. That's going to be interesting.

I can't believe how much of a slacker I am at blogging. I really admire all those bloggers out there who manage to write really interesting, regular posts and at the same time get really involved in the blogging community, all the while dealing with their own crazy real-life lives. I'm surprised at myself, being a natural writer who can't write a good blog! I just don't get it. I like to think that blogging is the perfect thing for me, but when I actually try and do it, it just isn't clicking. I wonder why?

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  1. I feel you dude.

    I used to blog ALL THE TIMe, but now, I'm all meh about it.

    Yay for being a nurse!!