Monday, May 3, 2010

Gettin' Healthy

So, here's the thing: I have been kicked in the ass by 2010 more times than I care to count. Some crappy things have happened this year that were seemingly beyond my control, and I'm down for the count and feeling defeated. I want to accomplish something. I want that feeling of "I totally did it!" So I need something to work on that I can control (to an extent) and accomplish.

That, my friends, would be running. Kind of surprising because I'm not a natural-born runner. I take walk breaks. A lot of walk breaks. For the longest time, the fact that I took walk breaks made me feel inferior and as if I weren't worthy of saying "I just went for a run" without adding a disclaimer of "but I actually walked for a few minutes." I just thought it didn't count if you didn't run the whole time.

I guess I was wrong, because I found out that many people do this. And it works. And you can run half marathons. And marathons! Will I run a marathon? Maybe. I've been inspired by several friends who have run or are training for a marathon. I think it would be an awesome thing to accomplish.

For now, I'm setting small goals of running three times per week and working on increasing my mileage slightly each week. When I can run 5 miles without feeling like dying, I might see how I feel about signing up for a race of some sort and training for longer runs and/or working on my pace.

In other healthy news, I just went to the Doc about my lady business today, and it seems that one of my ovaries looks like it may not be 100% normal. Which means that I *could* have PCOS. Which means that I could have trouble down the road if and when I want to get pregnant. One of the things that apparently helps PCOS is following a low glycemic index diet (read: cut out refined carbs and sugars). This sucks, because I love sugar. Like, way love it. But I don't want this whole Possible PCOS (PPCOS) to become a problem for me, so I'm going to work on fine-tuning my diet. Also, I just bought a kickass shirt at the concert of one of my favorite bands, and it's just a wee smidge tight. So no more weekly bags of Swedish Fish and nightly bowls of Moose Tracks. I'll let myself indulge once or twice a week. Which is a major step because in recent weeks indulgences have become an every day occurrence.

So here we go! (I was going to make May a whole minimalism-themed month for me, but I'm too busy for that. I actually think that working on my diet and exercise will be easier for me this month.)

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  1. Seriously. Lately, I've been eating huge fat-kid sized bowls of ice cream for dessert. THE MADNESS MUST END.

    Ran for the first time yesterday. It wasn't pretty, but it was something.